Quality policy

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The next document includes the Quality, Environmental and Sustainability Policies that govern the Santander Exhibition and Conference Centre:


At the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Santander (Santander Exhibition and Conference Centre) we attempt to carry out different projects, instilling in all the agents involved in holding these events at our centre with responsible consumption and care for the environment, emphasising the development of safe activities. To do this, we have designed different work routes aimed at minimising the actions that are taken from the point of view of the centre, the event and the city to obtain some minimum waste and impact goals and reaching an optimum Project management.

There is a general commitment to responsible consumption amongst all the agents at our centre: organising companies, suppliers and visitors to the conferences and events.

Amongst our quality certificates are the following:

Q Calidad Turística

In 2009, the Santander Exhibition and Conference Centre obtained the ‘Q’ distinction of Tourist Quality, granted by the Spanish Tourism Quality Institute (ICTE in its Spanish initials).This seal gives prestige to anyone who holds it, because it shows the business commitment to reaching full client satisfaction, offer a quality service and ensuring professional standards when holding conferences and events.

This standard is structured in five service areas: Management, Event Development, Catering, Cleaning and Maintenance

The ICTE is a private, independent, non-profit making organism, which is recognised within the entire scope of the Spanish State, created by the initiative of the tourism business sector with the support of the Secretary of State for Trade and Tourism.

This certificate guarantees the safety of the installations against infection by Covid-19 and, therefore, it acknowledges the work and effort carried out by the entity for holding conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions and business and cultural events.


This international standard acknowledges that the event management at the Exhibition Centre is carried out in accordance with the established sustainability criteria and requirements. Amongst its benefits are the showing of the public and ethical commitment to society, the environment and sustainability; the reduction in costs, thanks to the reduction in consumption of resources and the optimisation of the processes and an increase in competitiveness and access to new markets that are more aware of environmental respect, religious sensitivities or ethical values