Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Santander Exhibition and Conference Centre supports the development of a tourism model that is inclusive, sustainable and responsible, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

For the sake of strengthening our environmental commitment with the United Nationals Sustainable Development Goals, the Santander Exhibition and Conference Centre has established the following initiatives.

Educación de calidad

Quality Education: Every year all the workers are trained and/or informed about the company’s quality policy, standards and behaviour codes, procedures on the subject of waste treatment, the environment and sustainability, premises on which the emergency and evacuation plan and the contingency plan against COVID-19. The rules of use for the installations include sustainable and quality aspects that must be taken into account by all the external suppliers who provide services in the installations. There are messages denoting environmental and responsible consumption place all around the installations, particularly in the areas where most waste collects: bathrooms, cafeteteria and loading/unloading area

salud y bienestar

Health and Well-being :The Exhibition Centre has a safety protocol for reduction of infection of COVID-19 that guarantees the health and safety of all the users, visitors, clients and workers. 50% of the cleaning products used hold eco-labels. For the catering services, the preparation of menus using local, seasonal produce is recommended, as well as different alternatives for people with intolerances and/or specific diets, encouraging the services with BIO products

Agua limpia

Clean Water and Sanitation: Availability of a maintenance service to stop incidences. Manual taps, with timers, in public restrooms. Awareness messages positioned in publicly in bathrooms. Availability of hygienic containers and electric hand-driers, which due to their presence act as prevention for the WC’s from being used for waste disposal.

Crecimiento económico

Decent Work and Economic Growth: Fair conditions for the people who work in the supplier companies linked to the centre.

reduccion desigualdades

Reduction in Inequalities: A building that is completely accessible by people with reduced mobility, lift and hand wheelchair service available for the users who might require it. Auditorium with loop for hearing aids. Floor plans and signs in Braille.

ciudad sostenible

Sustainable Cities and Communities: The Exhibition Centre forms an active part of the plan launched by the Municipal Tourism Company, in line with the Sustainable Developments Goals on the Agenda 2030, articulated around four points: Improvement in economic, social and environmental sustainability of the local tourism management; Increase in the quality of the services; Promotion of the excellence and Adaptation of the offer to the new requirements of the demand.

consumo responsable

Responsible Production and ConsumptionThe Exhibition Centre has recycling points set up for internal use, as well as for the event organising companies: paper, cardboard, plastic and hazardous waste. We give priority to the use of products with ECO/BIO labels, sustainable, biodegradable and compostable, as well as offering sustainable food. The centre’s lighting has been replaced 100% by LED illumination. At the end of the working day, the work equipment is disconnected or remain in “energy saving” mode. Every day, recycled sheets of paper are used.

accion por el clima

Action for the Climate: In the area around the Centre, there is a public bicycle loan service that allows citizens to use this means of transport to travel around the city of Santander. There is also a bicycle parking area and accessibility to the centre using public transport.